Friday, 9 January 2015

New Acoustic Design Inspiration for 2015

Appearances count.

We all know that.

But contemporary spaces can leave us feeling cold. Hard surfaces on walls, floors and furniture look impressive, but they don’t comfort our soul.

Whether it’s an open plan office, meeting room, or reception area, the right acoustic balance is key to a comfortable and welcoming space.

Our flexible acoustic panels integrate into contemporary spaces whilst reducing the effects of unwanted sound.

For the New Year, we’re developing two exciting new products. They’ll offer a visually sophisticated solution that’s also practical - by helping achieve good interior acoustics.

What style fits your design vision?

Bold and dynamic? Rich and luxurious? Or understated and refined?

Whatever look and feel you want to achieve, we can work with you to ensure the right balance between aesthetics and performance.

Flux Hanging Panel is a modular system with fixed or sliding panels made from 100% wool felt.
Use these panels as a wall hung artwork, window dressing or room dividers. Design flexible semi-open areas for working, collaborating, and relaxing.

View the product sheet for Flux Hanging Panel here

Flux Panel is made from layers of 100% wool felt.

Create different designs by rotating the modular panels. Choose colours to match your interior scheme from a rich palette. Make an impression with it's fresh, contemporary design.

Request information on Flux Layered Panel panel here

Tessellate is at home in the smallest meeting room or largest reception area thanks to its flexible, modular design.

Develop a natural and warm ambiance while reducing noise. These distinctive panels are made from plywood in natural wood veneer, or colour lacquer finish.

View the product sheet for Tessellate here

Are you working on a project that could benefit from better acoustics? If you have any questions on design, costs or bespoke requirements, please get in touch.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2015!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Can a large open space feel welcoming and warm? (here's the proof)

Acoustic Design for Interiors exhibition, Friends of Wilson Architectural Acoustic Panels 2014

The Lighthouse, Scotland's Centre for Architecture and Design, is an acoustically challenging space with a large, open atrium scaling 4 floors.

Creating a welcoming space with visual impact and good acoustics in such a large open area is a difficult design challenge.
I knew it could be done, so I took on the challenge:
• To create an impact with a feature wall scaling two floors.
• To install perfectly flush panels on an curved, uneven wall.
• And to avoid compromising the combination of contemporary and 19th century architecture that makes the Lighthouse so special.

This is how we transformed the Lighthouse with the Tessellate panels :

The natural material of Tessellate brings a tactile feel to a large space

Peter Wilkie, a scientist at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, said he was drawn to stand closer to the panels, as it ‘felt good, softer’ than the grey concrete wall.
The Tessellate panels at the Lighthouse created an enjoyable space within a space, giving visual focus to an otherwise disparate area.
The panels also dampen sound to create a warmer environment, as recently proven by the acoustic testing laboratory at Salford University.
This video explains how sound works and why our panels reduce noise :
Measurement of Tessellate panels in a reverberation chamber
The Lighthouse was a challenging project.
But often challenges force us to be creative with surprising results.
What design challenge have you had that brought interesting results?
Get in touch- it would be good to hear from you!
Best wishes,
tel : +44 (0)141 334 2859
With thanks to all our 'Friends of Wilson' exhibition supporters :

Monday, 5 May 2014

Acoustic Design for Interiors at the Lighthouse- exhibition set up and preview

These images show some of the enjoyable hard work that went into the installation of our exhibition. I would like to gratefully thank the staff at the Lighthouse exhibitions for their fantastic support, our sponsors, and all Friends and visitors who helped make the exhibition a great success.

Exhibition layout Dwg.

In the beginning - unpacking the four large boxes containing total 108 singular Tessellate plywood and foam panels.
We tested the panels a few weeks beforehand to ensure a smooth installation with no surprises on the uneven back panels and curved wall.  I worked with exhibitions assistant Ben who did a fantastic job installing the whole exhibition.
Split battens for hanging- 2 x per panel running the whole length of the wall.
First 2 rows up - and the simple hanging system makes it quick and easy.
Applying the laser cut card panel cut outs to the top levels- it was high and the scissor lift was a wee bit wobbly! You can just see the plan layout for the panels to the left.
Up and down in the scissor lift.
View from floor above looking down on graphics being installed.
Last of the wall graphics being applied and getting the projection correctly positioned.

Only 3 hours to go till opening. Ben drilling the stand for the projector but we're almost there.
6pm Thursday 21st February 2104 and all ready!

Smiling but also concentrated faces and hand gestures at the preview show people were engaged and delighted by the feature wall and video works. Thanks to everyone for coming along!

Me with Allan Madden, Head of Exhibitions at the Lighthouse.